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KT-LCD3 60 - 80v


This KT-LCD3 60v is compatible with our KT 60amp controller with the HIGO connector. 

Package includes:

-KT-LCD3 60v

-Mounting bracket with screws & rubber shims


  • Backlit LCD Display
  • On/Off Power Button
  • Battery Capacity Indicator Display
  • Odometer Display
  • Maximum Speed Display
  • Average Speed Display
  • Single and Total Trip Distance Display
  • Single and Total Trip Time Display
  • Motor Temperature Display
  • Motor Power Display
  • Brake Display
  • Backlight and Headlight Display
  • 5 Pedal Assist Levels
  • Cruise Function
  • Battery Voltage
  • 5 pin green HIGO waterproof plug
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