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25a Controller for Rad Ebikes


Our new upgrade 25 controller for the Rad Ebikes will give you a 50% power increase from stock! It is plug and play to the Rad bikes and comes with tail light features.

*Please note when plugging the motor to the controller, you MUST push both motor plugs together as hard as you can. Use a lot of force to push them together until you feel a click to secure it. If this connection is not secure, you will get error message on the display screen. A loose connection could also cause heat and melt the wire and plugs.

This 25a controller has to be use with our KT-LCD8H display or KT-LCD3/usb display. You can NOT use the Rad's display with our controllers and vice versa. Links to our LCD's are below:   

Color LCD Rad

Non color LCD Rad

Video of the 25a controller & LCD install

Use these LCD settings for the Rad bike and watch the video link below on how to get into the settings.

P1 = 100 

P2 = 5

P3 = 0 

P4 = 0 

P5 = 15 

C1 = 3 

C2 = 0 

C3 = 8 

C4 = 3 

C5 = 10 

C6 = 3 

C7 = 1

C8 = 0 

C9 = 0 

C10 = n 

C11 = 0 

C12 = 4 

C13 = 0 

C14 = 2

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