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25amp 36 - 48v KT Controller with HIGO connectors


This 25amp KT controller will boost your bike to the next level of performance and you'll gain more power, acceleration and torque for climbing hills. The motor plug has 9 pin holes compatible to the 350w & 500w Bafang rear hub motor. This controller has the HIGO waterproof connectors that are plug and play to the Sondors bikes and other ebikes. Please note you must run our KT controllers with our KT LCD display. 

The wires on the controller are as follow:

2 red 2pin female for brakes
1 red 2pin male for lights or accessories
1 green 5pin female for LCD
1 black 6pin female for our 6pin thumb throttle
1 yellow 3pin male for PAS sensor
1 motor plug 9pin male
Battery wires are red & black with banana plugs

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