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48v 4amp Lithium Ion * New Battery Charger


This is a new and improve 48v 4amp Lithium Ion battery charger. Will charge your battery in half the time vs a standard 2amp charger. Max output will be 54.6v. Built with high quality aluminum case with a built in cooling fan. Compatible for USA & EU 115v - 230v. If you need different connectors please let us know and we can accommodate your needs. Package includes:

- 48v 4a battery charger

- Outlet cord

- Anderson Powerpole charging connector (not shown on photo) can be customize by request.

- Extra fuse

*disclaimer we are not responsible for any accidents, fire outbreak, explosions or any kind of damage or injury due to the use of our batteries and products. Please take all necessary precaution with the use of our products. Use at your own risk. For return and warranties please see