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LB36 - Bottle Battery 36v 14Ah


This 36v 14Ah bottle battery will fit the Sondors fat tire bike stock cradle. No modification needed and is plug and play to your stock bike. This is the perfect upgrade battery if you want to increase your range by 60% over the stock original battery. Use this and your stock battery to travel the distance you've been dreaming about. You can use your stock 36v charger to charge this battery. It measures 31.5cm long and is equipped with the powerful genuine Samsung 35E cells. This package has everything you'll need and ready to go:

  • Genuine Samsung 35E high power long range cells bottle battery
  • Cradle & 2 keys, male/female XT90-S connectors with pigtails
  • 42v battery charger 5.5mm barrel plug
  • This battery is plug and play to the Sondors bike with the bottle battery
  • 1 year warranty (on non physical damage battery only)
  • Free shipping to lower 48 states. International shipping is available

*This battery is made to order and will take approximately 10-12 days delivered to your door.  

We also do customize lithium battery packs according to your dimensions and specs. Contact us here, let us know what you need and we can make it happen. Contact us here

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